Stair steps from expanded metal

Stair steps from the expanded metal are welded products from expanded metal, circumference frame and length reinforcements. Stair steps are tailor-made in dimensions and shapes due to customer requirements. The most used marerial is mild steel and stainless steel.


Main advantages of stair steps from expanded metal are easy maintaince, big bearing capacity with small grating weight, anti-slip effect with safe walk in woman shoes.

Surface treatment

Floor gratings from expanded metal are supplied:

  • Raw – without any surface treatment
  • Hot dip galvanized due to DIN 50 976
  • Painted

Indication of stair steps from expanded metal

The indication is similar like in floor gratings from expanded metal. Example: Indication of stair step with standard used expanded metal:

TS 62,5 x 15 / 3 x 5 / 30 x 3 / 1000 x 270 (bearing length x stair width)



Acceptable force, which impacts in the middle of stair on area 100 x 100 mm, is 1500 N. The same requirements are valid for the choice of stair step type as for the choice of floor grating type.

Production tolerances

L = max. +0, -3 mm
W = max. ±5 mm

Fixing of stair steps

Higher side frames are made with two round and two slot holes for fixing by four screws M12 to steel construction steps.

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