Conveyor Belts
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Conveyor Belts

  • The wire-mesh conveyor belts used for mechanical transport are effective means for speeding up and facilitating the work process.
  • They are used in all cases when the classical conveyor equipment function becomes impossible.
  • The wire-mesh conveyor belts can be utilized for transport of objects with various mass, sizes, rigidity, humidity and corrodibility.
  • The operation of the wire-mesh conveyor belts is possible at temperatures within a range of -50° C to +1,100°C in conveyors with strict hygienic requirements or, in opposite extreme cases, in severe and hot operating conditions. Requirements of this kind can be met by selecting a suitable conveyor belt together with the quality of the belt material used.


  • In most cases, the wire-mesh conveyor belts are manufactured using wire with circular cross section and quality corresponding to the equipment utilization purpose and to given operating conditions.
  • Mild steel without surface treatment or galvanized steel wire
  • Stainless wire made from steel which guarantees resistance against moisture and acids
  • Stainless wire made from steel which guarantees resistance against high temperatures, moisture and acids