Steel Gratings
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Steel gratings

  • Pressed steel floor gratings from mild as well as stainless steel are evaluated for their small weight, easy assembly as well as possible disassembly and easy change of particular gratings, when it´s needed.
  • Steel gratings are highly variable , transmit the light and air. Their use is in various constructions.
  • Steel gratings are solid, firm and they have a long durability in diverse environments, when suitable material and surface treatment are chosen.
  • Pressed steel gratings and stair steps LINEA have been certified by Technical Construction Certificate No. 070-024961 from 12.01.2005


  • Mild steel - raw
  • Stainless steel q. AISI 304

Surface treatment

  • raw - without surface treatment
  • hot dip galvanizing

Surface treatment of stainless steel gratings

  • raw
  • Natural macerating
  • Electro-chemical polishing


  • machine operating platforms in industrial and power production
  • crane and crane runway platforms
  • footpaths on bridges and walkways
  • store management system - rack bottom boards and storage areas
  • covers of channels and skylights with walking use
  • fire protection pits in transformer stations etc.
  • coverage of approach ramps including unobstructed access ones
  • cleaning zones - mats
  • staircases and staircase steps
  • separation barriers, sieves etc.
  • drainage systems in chemistry and foodstuff industry (stainless steel gratings)

Illustrations of steel gratings use

Grating as functional and aestethic element in architecture (outdoor cirle staircase)

PERFO LINEA a. s. - perforované materiály PERFO LINEA a. s. - perforované materiály

Approach ramp

PERFO LINEA a. s. - perforované materiály