Order data

  • Order for stair steps should contain exact number of grating items together with their types and sizes given by the mesh size, the bearing rod sizes, the bearing length x non-bearing width, material quality and required surface treatment .
  • Values and types of load and, possibly, the grating construction height together with the main dimensions thereof (i.e. the bearing length and non-bearing width) together with the area to be covered by the gratings should be specified whenever necessary.
  • Drawings or sketches are required whenever atypical grating sizes and/or shapes containing cutouts etc. are required. Our experts are ready to consult any particular requirements concerning the gratings if required.
  • Please state Your exact address together with the Company and VAT identification codes, the Contact Person data, the telephone and fax numbers and the e-mail address or addresses together with the bank connection data in Your order.
  • Please also state the quantity of connection material kits if required (shaped clamp, screw, nut and fixture).

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