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Get inspired by the great variety of designs and broad range of possible uses of perforated sheets.

You are welcome to choose any shape and size of holes, quality and size of material.  Discover the perforated material you are seeking.

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Would you like to attain the best possible passage of air and light through perforated material without restricting safety and quality?

Try out the variable and flexible properties of expanded metal which is suitable for many different branches of industry as well as for modern architecture.

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Aesthetic appearance, high-quality, resilience and variability in use – these are just basic features of gratings for floors and stair treads that look great in industrial buildings as well as in private homes.

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Complement your perforated sheets, expanded metal and welded wire screen by practical and functional edging profiles that will ensure high degree of safety to you and others.

You can chose from many different shapes and designs to make your perforated material more attractive.

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Do you need to put up fencing around an outdoor space, sports grounds, relaxation area or company premises? Would you like to separate parking lots in a garage or cloakrooms in your school? Select from our welded wire mesh screens or pressure-locked fencing to ensure safe and pleasant environment for yourself, your employees, children or for animals

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Conveyor belts are components in conveyor or technological systems used to transport a variety of articles in almost all branches of industry.

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If you want a printed version of catalogue of references, please, send us your address to our e-mail and we will be happy to send you this catalogue.

We are your biggest manufacturer of perforated materials
in the Czech Republic.

Try out high-quality perforated materials suitable for a great variety of applications. We are ready to assist you in selecting the correct product. We will adjust the dimensions, type of holes or mesh, surface finish to your requirements.

We will become your professional partner in the area of perforated materials.

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What can we help you with?


Perforated sheets, expanded metal and floor gratings with design openings in an assortment of shapes can be used in civil engineering, machine engineering, agriculture and other branches. Come and discover our multi-purpose perforated material – a simple and effective solution.

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We will assist you with your engineering designs, workshop documentation and advise you where and how to apply perforated sheets. Rely on our experience from engineering and the manufacture of tools. We will guide you throughout the whole process from selection to execution.

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Custom manufacturing

Do you need to adjust any perforated material to suit your specific needs? We will take care of adjusting the dimensions or surface finish and also of completing the job. We will cut, bend, curl and/or weld metal sheets for you.

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Get inspired from our completed jobs

Do you need advice? Are you looking for inspiration? Are you at a loss which materials suit your needs best? Take advantage of the many years of our experience. We are ready to assist you.

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