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What is included in our services?


We will assess 
the feasibility
of the design.


We will chose the best material, its thickness, edges without perforation, Expanded metal transmittance, and for gratings, the grating height and the bar thickness depending on the load.


All your requirements will be included in our proposed design.


We will calculate and propose possible savings in the cost of single as well as batch fabrication.


We will prepare detailed workshop  documentation.


We will specify tolerances  for dimensions.


We will propose secondary operations (cutting, bending, curling, welding, surface finish, packing, transport, methods of mounting).


We will set realistic dates  for production.


We will help you with storing semi-products or finished products in your future repeated orders to save your time and money.

Surface treatment

Did you find a perforated sheet or expanded metal   you like? 
We will take care of high-quality surface finish for you.

Powder Coating

The principle of powder coating is applying powder paint onto the component which is then cured in oven.  The powder is a dry mixture of resins, pigment, sometimes hardeners, and additives.  Its great advantages are good scratch resistance, excellent endurance, high chemical resistance and, as mentioned above, it is environmentally friendly.

Please look here at the range of RAL shades: RAL colour chart

  • Maximum dimensions of sheet: length 6 500 mm x height 1 600 mm x width 1000 m.
  • Max. component weight: 150 kg
  • Pre-treatment of steel sheets and expanded metal by phosphatising and aluminium material by chromium plating. Then a layer of zinc powder primer may be applied.     
  • We place padding between all painted components before they are wrapped in foil to prevent damage.

Packaging and despatching

We will take good care of your materials.

In our store, your goods are packed with great care to avoid their damage during transport. Materials are placed onto a pallet of one of five standard sizes or into cardboard envelopes. Products of atypical sizes are packed onto specially adjusted pallets. 
Smaller individual packages will be brought to you by our contract carriers, who handle the goods with great care. Larger materials are transported by our own vehicles.


Would you like to see our products “in the flesh”?

Come and take your pick in our fully stocked showrooms in Chrudim and Prostějov. You can also have a set of samples sent to you or have our salesman visit you and give you a presentation. 

Contact our salesman in your region and make an appointment.

Open area calculator

Are you looking at our offer of perforated sheets? Use our calculator to find out about the optimum ratio of perforation and the number of holes per 1 m².


Technical support

We are here to design your product, prepare detailed drawings and make the product prototype.

Whether you are facing a simple construction or a highly demanding project that will require a comprehensive approach, we will be happy to assist you in all the technical stages of the process until your final product is completed.

Rely on our experience. Make sure your selected product is functional, efficient and meets all your needs and requirements. We can make a prototype that will help you move from the design drawing to the delivery of your final product in the shortest time possible.

More information

Installation of facade elements from expanded metal

To give you some inspiration, we have designed a number of methods for the installation of façade elements from expanded metal. Please download our pictures and DWG drawings.

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