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About us

About our company

We are PERFO LINEA, a. s.,

the biggest producer and supplier of perforated materials on the Czech market. The range of our products includes perforated sheets, expanded metal sheets, steel gratings, stair treads, steel conveyor belts, welded wire mesh screens and fencing.

We are happy to share our great knowledge.

We are being addressed by architects, designers and skilled professionals from different spheres. End customers turn to us as well. We help them to select the right perforated materials to suit their specific needs. And we are always ready to adjust our products as necessary. We are here to inspire you and reach the best results.

We sell high-quality products.

We are professionals in our field of business. Our products are fabricated to meet all the required standards. We are ready to build a long-term partnership.

What can we do to attract you?
  • We are masters in our field of action
  • We know the market of perforated materials
  • We have been gaining experience since 1937
  • We are here to be consulted, to advise you, propose solutions
  • We have goods on stock, we fabricate to order, we can make small batches, we fabricate in high quality, our delivery times are short
Čím vás nadchneme?

We are here to inspire you.
You are sure to get high quality products from us.

What are our advantages?
  • Professional approach
  • Super quality of products
  • Wide assortment
  • Well supplied warehouses with shops
  • On-line sales, despatching within 24hours
  • Own transport
  • Our own manufacturing plant and tool shop
  • Materials made and adjusted to order
  • Speedy production
  • Engineering
  • Advisory services
We know what you need and will
gladly meet your wishes

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Where to find us

Our seat is in Chrudim. One of our biggest warehouses is also there. You can find another distribution centre in Prostějov. And you can also purchase our goods in Frýdek Místek. All of this helps us react flexibly to your orders. We have our authorized dealers for perforated materials in all the districts of the Czech Republic and they all keep basic stocks of our products.

If you are in the Czech Republic, your goods will be despatched within 24 hours. All the materials, carefully packed, are transported by our own trucks and contract carriers. Your goods will reach you within 3 days after placing your order.


Warehouse and shop

K Májovu 1262
537 01 Chrudim

Opening times:


Warehouse and shop

Šlikova 9
796 01 Prostějov

Opening times:
Mo - Fri: 6:30 - 15:30

Our history: find out more

The beginning

The beginnings of the manufacture of perforated sheets in our lands can be traced back to the 17th century. The first permission to fabricate wire screens was granted to Johann Wilhelm in 1675. In 1898, Emil and Ludvík Wilhelms expanded the originally Prague-based production to Prostějov. Until the end of World War Two, the assortment of products included wire fencing and netting, pressure-locked fencing, wire conveyor belts and perforated sheets. The factory first started perforating sheets in 1937 when it used the Schuler press. 

After WWII, the factory was turned into a state-owned enterprise, TONA. The manufacture of perforated sheets was continuously expanding.

After 1989

The 1989 political changes in the country brought a new development into the enterprise. In 1997, the company was bought by Jiří Pokorný and it became known as BW-LINEA s.r.o. The tool shop was greatly changed and modernised, new machinery was purchased and this opened up new job opportunities for people in the company’s neighbourhood.

Since 2001

In 2001, the firm was turned into a joint-stock company, PERFO LINEA. Since then, the range of our products includes not only perforated sheets, conveyor belts and fencing, but also expanded metal sheets, steel gratings and stair treads. We have been focusing on the whole East European market and exporting to many countries since 2004. Since 2010 our perforated sheets and other perforated materials can be bought from our own online shops.

PerfoLinea sklad

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