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Obrázek pozadí záhlaví

Inspired by architecture

Gratings and stair treads

Modern times bring common steel galvanised staircases into interiors of buildings. We recommend denser meshes from 33 x 33 mm to the smallest dimension of 33 x 11 mm or, for example, 25 x 25 mm for indoor spaces. For homes, where people walk barefooted, households with children or pets, we recommend 33x11 mm mesh in stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel.

Outdoors you may often see our pressure-locked and welded gratings. They may be furnished with non-slip strips, single- or double-sided tapes. Most common material is hot-dip galvanised steel or crude steel. Demand is also rising for stainless steel, whether natural, pickled or polished.  Grating is made in classical pressure-locked design with different mesh sizes in millimetres: 33x33, 33x16, 33x11, and 25x25.

Narrow heel-friendly gratings are made from expanded metal. This is why in shopping malls or in office buildings you will see custom-made grating and stair treads from hot-dip galvanised expanded  metal sheet with hexagonal mesh TH47x13mm or diamond mesh TR62x15mm. For walkways, expanded  metal sheet with minimal thickness of 3 mm is best suited. 

As all the cross points are welded, welded gratings and stair treads are robust structures, highly torsion resistant providing optimum possibility for load distribution. Welded gratings or stair treads are suitable for industrial buildings and also for vehicle traffic. Grating meshes from 24x38 mm. Non-slip strips can be furnished to improve safety.

Stair treads from grating are reinforced by special sections with non-slip nosing strips with double-row perforation. There are slots on the sides of treads for easy mounting onto the staircase structure by means of 2 M12 bolts on each side.

We specialise in the fabrication of atypical forms of gratings and stair treads with bevelling, openings for pipe or other lines or columns. Such unusual forms may be made from pressure-locked or welded gratings as well as expanded metal.

Type of mesh

Grating and stair treads may have different types of mesh or be furnished with a single- or double-sided non-slip tape:

  • pressure-locked, large mesh: 33 x 33 mm, 33 x 66, 66 x 33, 66 x 66 and the like
  • pressure-locked, small mesh: 20 x 20, 22 x 22, 25 x 11, 25 x 25 mm, 33 x 11 mm, 33 x 16.5;  33 x 12.5 and the like
  • expanded metal mesh: 47 x 13 mm; 62 x 15 mm, and the like
  • welded grating and stair treads: 34 x 38 mm, 34 x 76 mm

Pressure-locked and welded gratings and stair treads in practice
Hnědý vrch lookout tower, Pec pod Sněžkou

A colossal lookout tower was erected on the top of Hnědý vrch mountain in Pec pod Sněžkou in 2009.  Everything we fabricated was atypical – the winding galvanised staircase and treads, 33x33 mm mesh, gratings with recesses, mesh 33x33 mm. We supplied hot-dip galvanised panels from flattened expanded metal, square mesh TQ 50x37x4.5 mm, for the balconies. Hot-dip galvanization is a perfect protection for steel elements exposed to changeable weather and temperature conditions.

HLIMONT s. r. o.

The HLIMONT company from Havířov manufactures fencing, handrails, staircases, gates, sliding gates, small roofs and shelters,  a range of stands and supports, cages, bars, steel structures for industrial and construction use, decks, candle holders, small items (in piece or batch production), wrought steel items and much more.

Radovan Myslík Smithery

Staircases with pressure-locked treads and gratings, hot-dip galvanised, processed in the Radovan Myslík Smithy.

HLIMONT s. r. o.

The HLIMONT company, Havířov – reference photos showing applications of perforated sheets, expanded metal, edging profiles, fencing, gratings and the like.

Jukas Kurka

Pressure-locked steel gratings and steps for wheelchair platforms in 33x1 mm mesh, single-sided non-slip protection. Hot-dip galvanised.

SIKO, Prague

Metal facade from pressure-locked grating treated by hot-dip galvanization and with powder coating finish. Mesh 30x30 mm.

Prusinovice kindergarten

Steel gratings and stair treads, welded SP, 34x38mm mesh, hot-dip galvanised.