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Inspired by architecture

Perforated sheets, expanded metal and balcony gratings and fence panels are IN!

Perforated panels are strong, rigid, stable, airy and discreet. The most preferred material is steel protected by galvanization and powder coating. Fancy panels come in stainless steel.

We recommend panels in at lest 1.5 mm thickness for balconies. 

For easy fabrication and assembly use our popular edging profiles.

We will arrange high-quality shearing, turning and surface finish from our partners - galvanization, powder coating, anodised coating and/or metal plating.  

Trojský Bridge, Prague

Structure of the Year 2014 
Handrail panelling from aluminium expanded metal without edge cutting or surface treatment. Diamond mesh TR 125 x 40 x 6 x 4 mm and/or TR 125 x 48 x 20 x 2 mm.

Cycling Bridge of Freedom between Slovakia and Austria

Handrail panelling from steel hot-dip galvanised expanded metal, diamond mesh TR 90 x 31.5 x 4 x 3 mm. Furnished with powder coating.

The Apollo Bridge, Bratislava

Structure of the Year 2006

Handrail panelling from steel expanded metal, cut-proof edges. Diamond mesh TR 50 x 18 x 3 x 2 mm and hexagonal mesh TH 47 x 13 x 4 x 2 mm. Expanded  metal surface finish by galvanizing and blue powder coating.

Suspended footbridge over the Vltava – Radotín Bridge, Prague

Gratings with non-slip strips, 33 x 11 mm mesh. Handrail panelling from steel expanded metal, Diamond mesh TR 125 x 43 x 12 x 3 mm. Steel hot-dip galvanised and finished with powder film coating.

Footbridge over the Svratka, Brno

Handrail panelling from hot-dip  galvanised steel expanded metal, square mesh TQ 50 x 37 x 4.5 x 3 mm.

Pleskot Radek - Kovo

Fence panels from expanded metal in a fashionable family house.

HLIMONT s. r. o.

The HLIMONT company, Havířov – reference photos showing applications of perforated sheets, expanded metal, edging profiles, fencing, gratings and the like.

MEGA-TEC s. r. o.

Screening partitions from expanded metal.

MORCINEK s. r. o.

The MORCINEK company - the application of expanded metal in the Třinecké železárny a.s., Sochorová válcovna Kladno steelworks – decorative elements, ceilings, safety doors and lift doors.

PEJISTRO s. r. o.

The PEJISTRO company paid great attention to every detail in manufacturing lockable metal dustbin sheds from expanded metal.

UNIRON s. r. o.

UNIRON s. r. o. fabricates office wastepaper baskets from steel expanded steel 0.5x1000x2000, DC01, Diamond mesh 16x16 mm, 1 mm bridge. Sections of the basket are tack welded and then treated with Komaxit powder plastic coating. UNIRON produces 3 sizes of baskets in two shades of colour:
round wastebasket - small white/black (height 32 cm, Ø 23 cm), round wastebasket – medium-size white/black (height 32 cm, Ø 32 cm), round wastebasket - large white/black (height 50 cm, Ø 32 cm).
Wastepaper baskets are used in offices as well as in sanitary facilities. Thanks to the material used, these baskets are robust and can even be used in demanding places.

GAROMAX s. r. o.

An example of panels from expanded metal Airfield, Diamond mesh TR 62 x 20, bridge 9 mm, panel size 2000 x 1500 mm, sheet thickness 1.5 mm. 
Open area 28%. Weight of 1 panel is 24 kg, presented by the GAROMAX s. r. o. company, Prague.

Kovářství-zámečnictví Metalart - Pavel Vojáček

Expanded metal, perforated sheets and welded wire mesh screens from PERFO LINEA only used for fencing panels.

Zámečnictví Radovan Myslík (Smithery)

Expanded metal panels and welded wire mesh screens from PERFO LINEA and a perfect job performed by Radovan Myslík Smithery.

Jaroslav Chadima

Design perforation in Corten sheets.

Denmark - balcony panels
The Old Bridge (Starý most), Bratislava

Panelling in the handrails from steel expanded  metal  is protected by galvanization and powder coating. Mesh TH47x13x4mm. The edges are not punched along the long way mesh of the panels. 


Stainless steel gratings

The Imperial Hotel

Decorative panels.

Sladovny Prostějov (malting plant)

Perforated sheets for malt sprouting.

Tamda Foods

Shelves for racks

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